Summer Reading Program

Scott Township Public Library is offering both virtual and in person options for participating in summer reading! 

Virtual Summer Reading

What are the dates for Virtual Summer Reading at Scott Township Public Library?

June 18 – August 13.  Scott Township Public Library has rolling registrations, so you can sign up any time during these 8 weeks. 

What is virtual summer reading? 

The virtual summer reading program allows patrons of all ages to log reading time and win virtual badges for meeting reading goals.  All participants who meet their reading goal for the week will earn a virtual badge and be entered into a prize drawing for their age group at the end of that week. 

All participants are automatically entered into a prize drawing just for registering to participate in virtual summer reading!  Upon completing registration, all participants meet the registration challenge and earn their first badge. 

How do I sign up?  

Go to this web page to register your virtual summer reading account: 

You can register as an individual, or you can register multiple users as a family. 

When you register, you will be asked to select a reading challenge from a list (you may only select one).  Be sure to select “Scott Township Public Library: Summer Reading Challenge 2022” to participate at Scott Township Public Library. Click “Join Challenge.”

How do I log my reading time and win prizes? 

When you log in to your account, click “Challenges” at the top of the page. 

Click “Scott Township Public Library: Summer Reading Challenge 2022.” 

Under the bold text, “Scott Township Public Library: Summer Reading Challenge 2022” click “Badges.”

Under the bold heading, “Badges,” click “Logging Badges.” 

Click the badge for the current week. 

Click the box that says “Log Next Minute.” 

Select the user name under “Who do you want to log for?” and click the box that says “Log Minutes.” 

Select the date on the calendar, enter the number of minutes on the form, and click the box at the bottom of the page that says “Log Reading.” (There is also an option to set a timer that will track your minutes as you read. If you opt to use this method to track your time, you will still need to click “Log Reading” when you return to the page with the calendar to log your minutes.) 

After logging a total of 60 minutes for all ages in the selected week, you will be entered into that week’s prize drawing.  

Questions? Send email to

Summer Reading in Person at the Library

If you prefer to participate in person, you can also submit forms to log your reading hours at the library! All age groups may participate this way.

For children: Please stop by the library to pick up a packet if you would like to record your reading on paper and submit your forms in person.

For Adults and Teens: Once you complete at least 60 minutes of reading in a week (ending Saturday), please stop by the library to complete a form, and your name will be added to the prize drawing for that week. (Please submit no more than one form per week.)

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