Friends of the Library

Our purpose is to support STPL through fundraising and volunteer activities. 

Some ideas for support:

  • Become a member!
  • Volunteer at the annual Book Sale or help throughout the year as we sort and move donated books.
  • Help with cultural events.
  • Apply for grants for special programs.
  • Donate time or goodies for Election Day bake sales. Purchase goodies, too!
  • Create flyers and signs to help advertise.


  • Annual Book Sale
  • Sarris Candy Bar Sales
  • Election Day Bake Sales
  • Encourage FoL membership

Advocate for STPL Library Purchases:

  • Over the years, we have provided the library with much needed supplies, some of those items include: Fax machine, DVDs, NEW Books, Book shelves, Magazines, and Puppets for family area.



Fundraising Goal

The Friends of Scott Township Public Library’s Goal: $8,000 Annual distributed in 2 parts during the year.

2008 Check Distribution

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